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good evening all,I could use a little advise.Ive been taking oxy80&oxy20 twice a day with norco for break through.My insurance will not pay for brand only generic.Since they are only selling brand oxy's I have to switch . I dont want to because this combo works pretty well. I take this for chronic back pain.Ive had 4 surguries and number 5 will be comming up soon.Anyone have any ideas for new medicine that works as well as the oxy's and come in generic.Thanks so much allie:confused:
thanks for your replies.as far as my insurance goes I have medicare and this what I thought was great perscription insurance is great only if you use generic drugs..Next year at open enrollment I will have to find new insurance.Quiet honestly I dont trust my pm doctor to make this decision, I know that that sounds strange but she only writes what my old pm (who was the best) perscribed.I have only tried oxy and norco for breakthrough. I am at a loss.. any more ideas? thank allie