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Hey Mush,

There are a few different pharm companies who make generic oxycodone. There's Endo, Watson, Mikat, Duramed/Barr and maybe a few others.

I have the same problem with not having any independant, mom & pop type pharmacies in my area. They just couldn't compete with the big chains anymore and the last one closed about 7 or 8 years ago. I think the closest one left to me is about 30 miles away. Not exactly convenient when you can't get out and about much. :(:confused:

Does your current pharmacy have one of those windows for privacy? I know not all of them are really that private. But it's also not always possible to talk with the pharmacist over the phone, because many of them won't discuss scheduled meds over the phone.

Anyway, good luck with finding a different generic. I have to speak to my pharmacist about another generic for my Norco. I got the Mallinkrodt brand this time and I am not happy with it at all. I really hope they can do something for me. Let us know how it goes, hon. Hugs, CMP/MM