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[QUOTE=sammyo1;3700089]While this thread is active I will take the chance & ask does anyone ever talk to their pharmacist & request a certain brand or come right out & tell the pharmacist they do not get the relief from say the mallin. brand?

Sammy, I did just that, yesterday. I called my pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if he could fill my scripts with Watson's generic for Norco, if they had it. I explained that I was aware of the difference allowed by the government regarding generics and that I felt the Mallinkrodt generic that I was given last month was inferior, and did virtually nothing for my BT pain.

He said he was also very aware of that and told me he'd call their distribution center to find out if it was available, and today he called me back and said the Watson had arrived and was on the shelf with my name on the bottle.

I know that I got one of the two "good guys" at our pharm, so I was lucky. I don't know if the other guy would have been so helpful. I would give it a try, if you're having problems. CMP/MM