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[QUOTE=Sammiejoe;3709891]Hi & Welcome:)

Wow! You do have alot of questions, but I'll do my best to help...In my case, the straight neck is not uncommon, it is caused from damage to the neck & even muscle spasm can contribute to it...I've been told not to worry too much about it since it goes along with the damage in my neck.

As far as the meds, tramadol (aka ultram) is the lowest in strength, vicodin (aka hydrocodone) is stronger than ultram , than the MSIR (aka morphine instant release) would be stronger than vicodin, and the percocet & endocet (aka oxycodone instant release) are both the same drug & they are the strongest out of the meds you've been prescribed.

Now, as for addiction, that is when you are abusing your meds or going to multiple docs for the same meds or if you start using the meds for something other than pain...Tolerance is when your body becomes use to the med and you might have withdrawal if you suddenly stop taking them. Most people have to wean off of opiates if they take them everyday for any more than a few weeks. As for pain control, it's best to take meds before your pain is really bad because it's hard to break the pain cycle once it gets too high. That's why many docs rx LA(long acting) meds like oxycontin, but that's not any of the meds you listed. So, if your pain is severe than the percocet or endocet every 4 hours is going to give the best pain control, however everyone is different, but in general that is what should be strongest.

I hope that helps.
It helps immeasurably .... (forgot to add the Norco, but seems somewhere near percoset).
You've been most kind. Thank you so very much. If it were up to the Spine institute I'd have been on Vicodin for the better part of a year, but I kept it only for truly bad days. Now, that I've had the fusion surgery (C 3-4 I think), the pain is worse than before. I just hope that the endgame turns out to be better.

Take care.... and all the best wishes for your recovery.