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Hey everyone, and Marcia, what a great post!
First let me say that my nephew has never been one to take drugs, smoke or drink. I've had dealings with drug addiction in our family and I guess we are a little worried. Right now we are just thankful he has pain meds to take!
They put him on Norco 10/325 today. He is having so much pain. He has to use a walker to get to the bathroom and it's just breaking our hearts to see him in this shape. He has always been such a healthy, strong guy. His head, back and legs are hurting him something awful. The doctor says he most likely will need pt to help in his recovery.
Now let me tell you why I asked the question I did, "Can taking pain meds cause brain aneurysm?" I asked that question for me. Someone told me that taking pain meds can be a factor in having a brain aneurysm and I've been taking them for over two years. I've never abused my meds but I do take them on a regular basics as prescribed. I don't know much about aneurysms and what causes them, even though I've been reading everything I can on the net, so when I heard this it scared me a little. I even considered stopping my meds altogether and I am in so much pain that it would be something I would really hate to do but after reading y'alls posts, I feel like I understand things a little more. Thank you all for being so sweet and trying to answer my questions.
Hi Steve et al. . .
Could you please explain what you said about opiates being some of the safest drugs? My MIL insists that they cause liver damage. I wish I had some evidence to show her.

I have a similar experience to Marcia (feelbad) in that I have a past history of drug abuse/addiction (over 25 years ago). I also have moderately severe chronic pain. I suffered for years after I got off "drugs" because I was afraid of the addiction issue. Until about 5 years ago when I began taking pain meds. It was sooooo wonderful to get relief. Currently I am on Norco 10/325. I had back surgery x3 this past summer hoping it would be the answer but it wasn't. My mother (not MIL) is sooooo worried about me taking the pain meds, too. I guess she refers back to my past.

My doc also recently gave me some trial samples of Lyrica. I took the first one last night. . couldn't tell much difference except I was real drowsy this morning. I guess this is off topic, but I am kind of responding to Marica. I wonder how many of us ex-druggies are able to take pain medications. I am constantly questioning myself over whether I really need these? Do I take them because I enjoy the buzz? Can I be an "addict" even though I never exceed my dosage, never run out, or doctor hop, etc.? Can anyone else relate? I had a doctor tell me that because of my past history and how horrible it was to break free, I likely would never become an "addict" again. Still, I constantly question myself. . .
Peace & Love,
Hi Marcia,
He is taking two norco 10/325 every four hours for the pain. He says it does help with the pain so much till it wears off. Yes, he is a blood kin, he is my sister's son. You know I hate to even mention having a headach with how he is feeling. Jeff is one of the sweetest people I know and it just kills me to see him in this shape. What you said about him being able to walk is very encouraging. He knows it's going to be a slow recovery.