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I was so surprised when I read your post, because the situation I'm in now is very, very similar. I have had two failed back surgeries. I tried all the short acting meds and then several long acting meds (methadone, Duragesic), and for whatever reason the only thing I found any relief from was Norco and Soma.

I made the decision to come back to college in California from New York, and I started with a new PM doctor last week. He switched me off of the Norco and the Soma (or at least part of it), which I have been taking for six months, and instead of eight Norco a day and six Soma, he put me on 20mg OxyContin three times a day, allowing for three Soma a day, and one Norco. I told him that I had tried Percocet and regular Oxycodone IR with no success, but he wanted to try it anyway.

Anyway, I have been in excruciating pain the past week (it's unbelievable I could be in that much more pain than I already was). I am waiting to hear back from the doctor, but I do feel like I need more breakthrough medication, and I think this situation is probably rather prevalent in the pain management world, which adds to this confusion/need for more breakthrough medication, to the point where it becomes your primary source of pain relief. It is very frustrating how doctors find this acceptable.

Sorry if I went off tangent at all, but I really did mean to relate it back to the post.