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I was taking norco three times daily for herniated discs for over a year when my doc told me that I had to change to time released med. He said that he couldn't keep me on a short acting opioid for chronic pain any longer. Ho put me on oxycontin 10 mg twice daily and I hate it. He refuses to put me back on the norco. How can I find a doc that will change me back to what was working without calling around sounding stupid? I live in Shreveport, LA and if anyone lives here or knows what I should do I would be grateful for any advice.
why do you hate oxycontin, are you having bad side effects? the reason your Dr has done this is that Norco is more used as an accute type of pain med and not for a chronic pain patient to take every day all day long. it also has tylenol in it and your Dr probably doesn't want you to have all of that tylonol in you when your pain is long term and chronic. A LA medication is the way to go for CP patients. go in and talk to your DR and work it out with him, perhaps he can help you and allow you to function better by trying other meds or combining meds differently. good luck, I wish I could take Oxy it worked great for me but its to darn expensive. I am sorry to hear you don't like it. its not for everyone and some meds help one person and not the other so this is not un common, go in and talk to your Dr, don't suffer to long.
Thanks for the advice, that makes perfect sense. I guess I was thinking why fix something if its not broken mentallity. Oxycontin, however, is very expensive and I am not to keen on methadone because of all of the hype on the news and because of the way it does build up in your system. He also said something about a drug called opana ER, but I called my pharmacist and it is also very expensive. The only thing I can think of that is left is MS contin. I think it is also pretty expensive. It certanly doesn't pay to be in pain, it only cost! I was also concerned about the tylenol in the norco, thankfully it was only 325 mg versus 500 for Lortab. Thanks again for your advice