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I will respond to you first. It does sound like you got things under control. The reason the pharmacist brought up "You've been getting early on such and such day, for this and that month, is because there computers are directly linked to your insurance (is your insurance state aid?). They are usually the only ones that give that informaton back to you by referring to the early fill dates. Other insurance will just say it is too soon to fill can be filled on such and such. Other insurances let you refill at or near 2 to 3 days early.

Yes, you could opt to pay for cash, but if they have already run it through the insurance, they know it is too early to get and they do not have to fill it for you even for cash. Some pharms will but most (95%) will not fill if it sooner than two days early. The request of paying cash sends up a red flag (especially if you use insurance for other meds) that you are exhibiting suspicious behavior. And unfortunatley, any types of pain meds or "control drugs" especially C2 (adderall, fentanyl, percocet, duragesic, etc...). are going to be looked at with a 'judging' eye. There are many reasons pharmacists and doctors alike feel pressure about selling opiods before they should be sold. Blame that on the government. All the reports and tv coverage of people dying form OD and/or drug addiction has ruined it for the people who really need the medication for day to day function.

Also, unless you are in chronic pain or unless you have someone you live with is in chronic pain, you do not know what it is like to be in pain. Those pharms and techs really have no idea what you are going through. They can't relate, so they judge. They think you are abusing your meds. Don't get me wrong, there are people who abuse their meds or they sell them on the street and get money...so they need more. Those people will even go to the extreme to fake a script. So the new pharm or a conservative pharm could feasibly lose their job if they sold you opiods too soon or didn't place a call to the doctor to approve a script that is trying to be filled to soon.

We actually had a doctor near us that was a doctor who would write for enormous amounts of oxycontin, methadone, morphine etc... She eventually got caught by the feds for prescribing meds for patients that really didn't need them and the FDA took her license away. At the same time a nurse in her office died from an overdose from prescription that was written by this doc and fill at Walgreens. She didn't question it, she trusted the doctor. So even though you may feel like you are getting the third degree, they are just reacting to people above them. If you are up and up with the script, there shouldn't be a problem.

If the people that wait on you are snotty or too accusatory, then I suggest you go to someone who isn't. Because everytime you bring in a new script for opiods or controls, they will really be examing it and you.

I say this as a chronic pain patient (I have neck arhritis, DDD, migraines, arthritis in my and scoliosis...I'm 45 years old. My pain doc prescribes Norco 10/325 #60 every month, sometimes Ibuprofen 800, sometimes muscle relaxers. He wants me to continually get spinal injectons of which sometimes help but I cannot afford the are $600.00 out of pocket.