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Dear Capri,
Your letters sound like I could have written it. I quit drinking for three years. Ten years later I was in a car accident. The doctor prescribed Norco (a form of Vicodan). I have a very sensitive system so at first they made me sick, but they helped with the pain. Then I realized that they gave me energy and a false sense of confidence so I started using them at work. When they would start to wear off I would use cocaine or speed to get my energy back up and then to get to sleep I'd smoke pot. At that time I was a manager and responsible for a lot of people. Before I was using these drugs, I let my lack of self-confidence interfere with my decision making ability. Believe it or not, when I was at the height of my use I got a $10,000 a year raise. Upper management as well as my employees loved me. This further instilled in me that I was nothing without these drugs. (I'm a classic case of cross addiction) I was what was known as a functioning addict. Then, I finally had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for both substance abuse and depression. I have been clinically depressed since the age of 7 and I'm 38 now.

I just wish that my brain could naturally make me feel as euphoric as Vicodan. (Who doesn't) When I found that drug I thought I had found the answer for my depression. I had a love/hate relationship with it and would have probably not tried to get off of it if it didn't take more and more to get that same feeling. I had never been able to keep a constant supply of it so I would get anxiety attacks about where to get the next batch and was mortified that I actually reduced myself to begging a doctor for it. Also, I finally saw that it was THE most dangerous drug of all the ones I'd tried to quit. I didn't see that over time it worsened my depression.

I now do not crave any of the other drugs, but Vicodan is the beast of all beasts for me. I was using the same amount you did. I'm drug free now, but whenever I get suicidally depressed it's the first thing I think of. (Coping skills are horrible)

Sadly, I too have the same outlook on NA/AA as you do. I'm shy in group situations. (Much better in one-to-one conversations) You're the only other person I've ever heard describe it as high school. I feel the very same. Besides, I thought these people were supposed to approach newcomers. I always do if I'm in a situation where I know several people and see someone new. I'm very shy too, in the beginning.

I do attend an out patient group and the facilitator also runs a methadone clinic. She told me that it's highly dangerous to detox on you own. So, you might want to find one of those. Also, Ultram did nothing for my pain. It just gave me an upset stomach and made me irritable. It is also highly addictive. Please don't take it.

Sorry this is so long, but I never meet people with this addiction even though I know they're out there. In my group nobody's even heard of it. If you'll hang in there I will too.


Thanks for listening and hang in there.
I would like to began by saying "Thank you all for your listings and sharing your stories with others." Over the past nine days I have read your postings, and they've helped me emmensley. I have been addicted to Lorcet 7.5 then onto Norco 10mg. and Stadol nose spray for the past five in a half years. I am a recovered alcoholic of 10 years, and have the "addictive personlaity" so when almost six years ago went through surgeries on my head, neck and face. I traded my addiction. At the first of the month, myself and family moved a thousand miles away from my Dr's so that I may get off all the meds. I didn't want to ask any Dr. for meds for the withdrawal as before when I attempted to quit, only became addicted to benzo's in order to sleep and make it through the day without all the nerves.

I have done very well this time around, I am still very fatigued, and feel nervous, but have no desire to seek them. The first few days it crossed my mind, but I knew that would pass with each new day. I so related to the lady who said "She couldn't relate with her children without her meds." Over the last nine days, there have been times I've had to go to my room and close the door. Thank God I have wonderful children, they allow me the time to get my thoughts together and when I open the door to my room, we can enjoy fun time together again. I know it's hard to cope with life during such trying times, but trust me it gets easier with each new day. You can come off them and have a wonderful time with your child/ren. I know the first few days that seems impossible, but just explain to your children, as I have, that mom has the flu and isn't feeling well. I know children are demanding, but so is your health. You must remember that during it all, you are #1 as is your health, emotionally and physically.

I guess the hardest thing for me over the last nine days has been the pain. I have to keep in mind that I will live with the chronic pain for the rest of my life. I am not able to take the pills for the pain alone. I was taking 12-20 a day. Some months would take over 360 pills. But I have learned that the mind is a very powerful tool, I have been taking tylenol for the pain and it works! :) Nights are still restless, but I am sleeping much easier as the days pass. However I know I need the support of others going through this, as I know the road ahead has many curves in it. Life is full of peaks and valleys, and I'm no longer used to coping with them clean and sober.

So today I found myself an NA group and will attend my first meeting tonight at 7:30 I'm eager to get started and will keep you all updated. Again thank you all for your postings and honesty. It's sure helped me get through a rough time. I hope my words will help others also.