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If you have Vicodin in your cabinet and have the strength not to take them, FLUSH THEM DOWN THE TOILET IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet, Norco, (too many to name) all contain Hydrocodone. It's such a sick and destroying addiction. It controls you, makes you lie, cheat, and possible even steal to get that "happy feeling" again.
Sounds as if you had mild withdrawls. Please stop now. Xanax are just and additive and so much harder to come off of. You will need medical treatment (inpatient) to safely kick Xanax and/or Lortab. Those are the only two drugs you can litteraly DIE from while withdrawling. I went through it with Valium.

Please focus on something else. It will ruin you and your family.

Someone who's been there and cares.