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I've been using pain meds for almost two years. At first it was vicodin and tylenol 3 for a fractured femoral neck while it was healing. Unfortunately though I developed osteonecrosis (bone cell death) because the head of my femoral bone collapsed. The only option available when that much damage has occured is total hip replacement. So in June of 2002 my doctor placed me on Norco 10/325 tabs for pain at first I only took three tablets a day but by August my tolerance to the tablets as well as pain grew and I began taking 2-3 tablets every 3-4 hours around the clock non-stop. On November 21 about 2 1/2 weeks ago I finally received a total hip replacement, my hospital stay was for five days they had me on dilaudid, morphine, and xanax as well when they weren't looking I was popping my own norco tablets two at a time that I had brought from home. I left the hospital with prescriptions for 60 Percocet 10/325 tabs
30 xanax tablets and of course I still had about 50 norco tabs from before I went in the hospital. It sickens me that within one week from my discharge I'd gone thru all of the above listed drugs so I called the doctors office and they called me in another RX but this time for norco 5/325 tabs, 60 tablets only and was told that I was to start taking only 1 tab every 6 hours. I'm not sure if it was purely psycological, physical or both but after taking high doses of the 10/325 tabs and then be given 5/325 tabs and try to only take 1 it just didn't cut it! Suddenly I felt severe pain in my hip MAJOR anxiety,bad night sweats as well sweating thru the day, nausea, diarhea,lack of appetite and insomnia. I called the doctors office the next day to inform them that 1 5/325 tab didn't work to relieve pain and also I can't sleep. So now I've got 30 ambien 10mgs for sleep and they gave me another 60 norco 10/325 tabs. I've told myself that after this 60 tabs they're not going to give me anymore so I need to get myself off of them now with this last RX. Has anyone out there ever been in a similiar situation? If so, how were you able to stop the insanity and get back to life without norco? Also, what should I expect as far as withdrawels, and how long do they usually last for a person who has been using between 6-10 10/325 tabs daily for about 8 months straight? Any input into others experiences will be so humbily appreciated.

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I am in the same boat as you. Reading your message was just like reading my life. I have tried to get off of norco before and I went 18 days. The physical withdraw is awful and you think that since you feel so bad on that day that the next day has got to be better and it isn't. After 5 days of the physical withdrawal the mental withdrawal comes and I think thats worse than the phsical. I haven't been able to do it, I always give in to it during the mental part of it. I now take six of the 10,325 a day. I have a hard time only being able to take 6... Please feel free to talk to me, sometimes you can feel so alone going through this. I am a 42 year old mother of 3 , living very much middle class and no one would ever think that I have this problem....Please let me know how you are doing...I understand