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thank you so much stacy that is what i really needed to hear. For about two years i was taking 30 norco which is 10/325 pills a day and i went into a rehab for 3 months and it helped me to know what it was like not to be onthe pills and to live without them but sometimes i forget how lucky i am and i know i am just a pill a away from throwing my life down the tubes again. I don't have kids and can't even imagine going through this with them at this time or any time in the past three years. I know how scary it is to be so afraid of the withdrawls to not want to stop even though the pills are making you more and more depressed than ever. At first they made you feel normal and numb out to whatever you couldn't handle and the time. I would love to have you as a pen pal or a support to you in any way thanks!!