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Hello everyone.. I know that i have a problem. I have been taking Watson 5/500 's for about 2 years now. It started because of a Torn Rotator Cuff. I have had the surgery but it seems because of all the sports I have played my body is just worn out and I feel pain all over every day. I usually take 3 Hydrocodin 2 times a day. It doesn't kill the pain like it used to. I am concerned about liver and kidney damage yet to take the drugs sure makes my daily outlook on pain free life better. Right now I don't have any left and I know that what I am experiencing is some sort of withdrawal. My questions are to do with the doctor I am seeing. Should I see if I can get some kind of sleep inducing drug so I can sleep at night. Not matter what I do this always seems to be a problem and number 2 should I feel OK in asking him to change my prescription to Norco 10/325 to lessen the amount of kidney and liver damaging chemicals. Your advice is greatly apreciated.