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Without a doubt, you defintely should tell your doctor that you think you're becoming dependent on the the oxy's, and to perhaps prescribe you a different pain medication if you're really in pain. Don't get percocets because they are too made of oxycodone, and they will only lengthen your dependence to oxycodone. Try Lortabs, or Norco 10mg's instead, they will help with the pain, and will also help with the psychological things you go through when DT'ing from the oxy's. They'll give you that "productive energy" as well....thats the TOUGHEST part of an oxy addiction...you get so used to performing everyday tasks on the oxy's, that after you stop using them you dont feel normal anymore. The same old everyday chores that yu used to do before now seem so hard to do unless you're on the oxy...especially work, or even just hanging out with friends. Just a few ideas, wish you the best.
Do Lortabs or Norco have asprin or acedimifin (terrible spelling!) in them? I'm afraid of those medications cos' if I do abuse them, I'll destroy my liver and/or kidneys as well. Nothing like a "smart" addict, huh??? lol...
Lortab 10mg do have 650mg acetiminophen...but Norco 10mg's have 1/2 of that, only 325mg, but still have 10mg of hydrocodone.

I'm only suggesting to get Lortabs or Norcos to help you get off the oxy's....they would definitely work, and will still supply pain relief. Ask your doctor about Norco's. :) God luck