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Hi everyone,
I know this thread has been going awhile but I just wanted to add if I could. I got my first butterfly rash at a point when I entered a new flare (which is still ongoing 3 months later) and mine was quite raised and noticeable the first couple of times it showed up. Then it seems to have calmed down some but is generally present to some degree most of the time. I always notice it more when I get out of a bath or shower, after sun exposure (this makes it worse for several days not just hours), and when I am tired or otherwise feeling an increase in my other symptoms like joint pain and fatigue. I have not had a biopsy of this rash. I am actually being treated right now for acne rosacea (which I don't think I have) just to rule that out. So far I haven't responded at all to the noritate cream. I'm supposed to use it for a full two months so I'll let you know. I really believe that what I have is a malar or butterfly rash which is related to lupus or whatever it is that's going on with my body but not solidly diagnosed yet. The reason I believe this is because as my disease activity worsens, so does my rash. It's almost like my face is a gauge to how I feel inside. To anyone who's had this rash biopsied.... is the scar quite bad? The dermatologist I'm seeing does not want to biopsy my face because of scaring. Instead he wants me to try an oral antibiotic with the cream I'm using for two months. I want to do everything I can to help myself find a diagnosis, but personally I'd rather have a scar on my face than be on an antibiotic for two months. I already have terrible yeast problems and can't take antibiotics for a few days without getting a doozy of an infection, plus my birth control will not be effective. Anyway, I have my reasons for now. I don't think the dermatologist really listened to me at my follow up visit yesterday anyway, you probably all know the feeling.
Love to all!