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Hello Everyone!

Sorry it has taken awhile to get back with you all. I am glad for you too, Amy. Funny to be saying that but I guess it helps to know what we have and what is causing it. I also think once Rosacea gets under control, the eyes could feel better too. I keep the hope that this stuff will go into remission for us and give us a break for a long while!

Yes, I do go to a dermatologist. He is really nice. Maybe dermatologists are just more people friendly in general. Who knows. He has me combining Noritate and Avare creams. Did your doc mention Noritate? I think that is one of the most widely used ones. I probably could just use that. The Avare (sulfamide...I think) really dries my skin. I don't use it on my cheeks because of that. I am really happy with Noritate though.

O.k. back to the eyes since that is the subject anyway! I think Lulu you asked about Doxy. From what I have learned, the Doxycycline helps to stabilize the tear film my improving the oil secretions from the meibomian glands. Some people have too much oil and some not enough.

I believe my eyelid inflammation actually causes the decrease in oil (or good oil) and once and awhile my glands clog too. The doxy should help increase the good oil and unclog those glands.

Amy, I believe, has too much oil on occasion which causes inflammation too. My oil gets thick and sort of white. Thick like butter instead of normal oil being like baby oil.

So, from what I understand, the doxy isn't used to fight an infection but for some reason has positive effects on the meibomian glands. Actually, doxycycline is used in skin Rosacea too and I don't think they know why it helps exactly. All strange stuff.

I have been on doxy for about 5 or 6 months. I am on it for several more months and have no idea if he is going to keep me on it or not. I think opthalmologists have different opinions about that. I went to one and he said that you could take a maintenance dose for life. I don't think I am comfortable with that but I don't like burning eyes either so who knows. My newer opthalmologist is pretty conservative so I doubt he will have me continue on it indeterminately.

I think docs want to see how you do after 3 to 6 months of treatment and then, if necessary, put you back on the doxy. I've always wondered if your eyes are actually suppose to go back to normal after several months of treatment. My eyes are definitely not back to normal....just better. I have a lot more "better" days. I was hoping that the doxy would actually take it away. It hasn't yet.

Hope some of that helps. Oh, before I forget, someone on this thread mentioned a Dr. Tseng. Is he a dry eye specialist? I am considering meeting with a specialist in this stuff who would be willing to look at every angle and take the time to really help and explain. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thx, Calibug
My derm gave me the choice of either the sulfamide or the metronidazole cream (which I believe Noritate is) I had no idea- so she gave me something called Rosac Cream which is the sulfamide. I've only used it twice. Its smells kind of funny. My 7 yr old told me in smells like rotton eggs. eeeew!
I'm having a pretty good day today. Do find that your eyes get drier by days end though? I get to feeling more and more tired- like my eyes are tired and I look forward to retiring to bed each evening. (after I lube my eyes up good, that is) Lulu, do you find that to be true?
You asked about Dr Tseng. We have been discussing him on several threads. He is a dry eye specialist opth in Miami who pioneered the Dry Eye Institute there. A poster here by the name of Joy ("PROWLEY") has had surgery by him. He is supposed to be world renowned and very thorough with a first appt consisting of 2 hrs of testing. I know he could figure out why the heck our eyes are so dry. [ removed ] I've considered seeing him myself.

Have a good weekend!
Hey Amy,

Well, you like encouraging news and well, I've had almost a perfect week!!! My eyes felt so normal. In and out of buildings and they stayed calm and no burning. Today was remarkable. I had to call the hubby because I was so excited. I think this stuff is a very hard to get under control but slowly and surely they can get better. I never realized how long it takes and it may take many more months to truly "get better" but I'm keeping hopes up that it will. I was leaning over a desk today and one of my eyes started watering quite a bit. Never thought I would be so excited about watery eyes! Oh, and my eyes were so much less sensitive outside. A couple of times I realized I didn't have my sunglasses on and they were fine. Incredible.

You asked about the skin. Yes, I have very dry skin. I think rosacea is the problem and the creams dry it out even more. I finally found a combination that works for me. I think metrolotion and Noritate are about the same thing but I'm not sure. I know Noritate isn't supposed to dry the skin as much as the gels. My skin burns easily like the eyes and there are only two lotions that work for me (or only two that I know of)...Complex 15...feels so cool and refreshing and Osana Sense creams (daytime/nighttime). I love the nighttime cream. It is much thicker than the Complex 15 and is apparently rosacea friendly. It is supposed to do a lot of good at night and is recommended for different types of skin problems from what I understand. It is expensive but I think it is great if you can afford!

There are many ingredients in products that rosaceans should not use!! They can actually aggravate the skin and make it worse. Watch out for certain sunscreens too. You have to watch out for the chemical types...I think titanium dioxide or something like that is much better. I could check if you want. If I put normal sunscreen on my face it burns a lot! I have a couple good ones.

Nope...but I used to live in CA. I liked it a lot. Miss it sometimes. Well, I am so estatic and wanted to share that with you or anyone else. I think we are in it for the "long haul" but if we keep up with what we should be doing, chances are good that they will get better. At least that is what I am thinking esp. after a week like this! What a blessing.

I really hope that you have some relief soon. Be patient...it has taken me quite awhile to get here.