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You poor thing. You sound so confused like I was. I actually started with eye problems then the skin. I had no idea why my eyes were bothering me off and on. I was told everything from big eyes and not blinking enough. I finally understood that I had to go see an opthalmologist to get any answers.

My oil wasn't clogging either. I just had too much oil. There are several problems/symptoms you can have with ocular rosacea. Over time, my oil got thicker and once and awhile I'll have a gland clog. If you have those facial symptoms, chances are you probably have ocular rosacea. I got a lot of info. from Dr. Nase (pretty good expert on rosacea/ocular rosacea).

What I don't understand is why your doc wanted you to try doxy for just a couple of weeks. Doxy usually takes longer than that to start having an effect. Are you seeing an opthamologist? Make sure you have a GOOD one.

As far as the face, I use a couple of creams and they work great! Stress and nerves cause me to have problems. I use Noritate & Avare. I really like them. My skin is pretty dry though so I have to use a lot of moisturizer.

Sorry to hear about your dry eyes and yes, from what I understand, you can have suppressed tears from ocular rosacea too. I do have to say that I think the antibiotics are finally working for me. It has taken four or so months on them but I am slowly doing better. I have a lot of good days now with minimal dryness. I am so thankful for that!!

I sure don't want to take anitbiotics for the rest of my life either but I tell you, when my eyes are doing poorly, the idea of antibiotics long term don't bother me as much! Do you think the Restasis is helping you? I've used that before (about 8 months or so). Not sure if it helped. May have helped me produce more tears, but I don't think it helped with my oil problem.

Hope you get some relief!