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No, there really isn't a "cure", but there are ways to keep it under control.

For me, it means that when I flush or blush, the redness stays around for a long time, and that leads to itchness, swelling, bumps, with some pimples thrown in - in my case. I was diagnosed four years ago. I've been on minocyclin a couple of times to get rid of flares, but I haven't taken it now in two years as it was making me sick to my stomach all the time. I use noritate cream at night, and I also have learned not to eat cheese of any kind (again in my case, but my grandma has had rosacea and cheese doesn't seem to make her flare), wheat and gluten have an effect on my case. So, as long as I watch what I eat, I can keep it mostly under control. When I exercise I regularly rinse my face with cold water so it stops the redness from exertion. Because I am not taking antibiotics for my face, I regularly take pro-biotics. I wear a hat outside because facial sunburn doesn't help either.

There are some good websites out there that can tell you exactly what it is.