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Thanks. :) My ophthalmologist (who I saw today as an emergency) told me to really start increasing the hot compresses and to start taking liquid flaxseed and fish oil. He said it all fits now. He too, told me that eye problems can come first. He said that Rosacea can lead to Meibomitis and the Blepharitis, so we've got to watch me really carefully now that we know I have Rosacea. I already have Meibomitis, but that's just the first stage in that happens before Blepharitis. The thing is that we caught the MGD very early and we have been treating it with hot compresses and hopefully it will prevent it from ever progressing to Blepharitis.

Has anybody ever *really* gotten this under control without the use of Doxycycline? My stomach is waaaaaaay too sensitive to take it for a year.

My dermatologist just told me to use a non-comedogenic skin cleanser, so I started using Cetaphil. It seems to be working nicely. But I avoid contact with the eyes. My eyes are too sensitive. I just use a warm washcloth to wash my eyes. He also gave me Locdoid cream and Noritate cream for my face. It seems to be working nicely. But just because it clears up my Rosacea doesn't mean my eye problems are going to go away. You know, dry eyes can be caused by Rosacea, so I just wish that the sutff that gets rid of my Rosacea could get rid of my dry eyes when the Rosacea goes away! Of course that's not logical, but it would be nice!
Yes Chris, I definitely remember you! I'm glad to hear from you! How are your eyes doing?

Yeah, things seem to finally be making a little more sense. The Rosacea does not account for all of my eye problems (it doesn't cause allergies!) but it does solve a big piece of the puzzle. Until now I was just treating the dry eyes, knowing they are a symptom of something greater. But I never, ever, ever had ANY skin problems. I had a picture perfect complexion. Not a pimple, not a dry spot, not a discoloration, nothing. Over the past month or so I started noticing a lot of irritation on cheeks, chin and forehead. So I finally got to the right Dermatologist, and it just so happens that he is very knowledgeable about MS (which I was diagnosed with about 2 and a half years ago) and all the other auto-immune disorders. So far the stuff he gave me seems to be helping, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to use skin cream for the rest of my life!

Plus, Noritate (one of the creams I am using) says that it can cause pink eye when applied to the skin!