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I'm allergic to dust mites, cedar, and sulfa drugs. Steering clear of sulfa drugs is not a problem. It's not cedar season (thank goodness!!). I think it was on The National Rosacea Society site that dust mites may play a role in rosacea. To clear up my rosacea, my dermatologist put me on one month of Topicort Cream, followed by one month of Lipocoid Cream. Every night I use Cetaphil liquid cleanser on my face. Every morning I use Elta MD SPF 45 lotion. Also at night I use Elidil around my eyes, then Aqua Glycolic lotion all over the rest of my face, then Noritate Cream on my cheeks and nose.

Topicort, Locoid, Elidil, and Noritate are rx. Aqua glycolic and Elta MD are otc. I don't know if I would use the aqua glycolic on the blister type rosacea, because of the fruit acids in the aqua glycolic it tingles/burns the first few times you use it.

I think it's best to see a dermatologist.