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Hi all, I am new to this discussion board. I am looking for information from anyone who has had to have a stimulator replaced. When looking through the posts I came across this thread. I have had a stimulator for 5 years due to nerve pain after a discectomy at the L3-4 level(failed back syndrome). I also have protusions at the L4-5 and L5-S1 level. I did have a 60-70% reduction in pain when the stimulator was first inserted which decreased to about 50% over the years.. The surgery took about 5 hours and was difficult because you are awake during it. You need to be able to tell the surgeon when the stimulation is covering your pain area. I also had two leads placed because of pain in both legs. There were a few times that a certain nerve was touched and I felt an intense horrible electrical jolt. Recovery peroid was not bad at all. It was not painful ~ just antsy because of retrictions on bending, lifting and twisting for 6 weeks.
I am was able to back to work with the help of neurontin, nortriptyline and celebrex. What I didn't know was that the stimulator could break. I had a fall in December and have been in constant pain. Aside from the back pain and nerve pain from the failed surgery, I now have problems with the saphenous nerve, cervical issues and a torn rotator cff. Because of the stimulator I cannot have an MRI which is a problem. I most likely will have a new stimulator put in but am concerned about the scar tissue that has built up around the leads. Hope this information is helpful to you.