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Hi Wbaker,

You sound a little bit more positive today. I hope that you continue to do well with the stim. When mine was working I was able to get through work ok and took an Ultram when I got home (usually around 3:30) and then again before bed and also took neurontin and nortriptyline. Considering that I am now taking 5-6 different meds a day, the stim was a great help even at 50% improvement.

If you have the stim implanted, after the scar tissue builds up to keep it in place, you won't need to adjust it quite as much. I think that going from lying down or sitting to standing always will need an adjustment. I got so that I didn't even need to look at the "remote" when I needed an adjustment and sometimes was not even aware that I was adjusting it. I always told the kids in school that the remote was my special radar to make sure that they were behaving!

I did have two leads, one for leg pain and one for back pain. I think that the reason that it helps with leg pain is that is usually from nerve damage. My back pain is from disc problems and the stim isn't quite as helpful. I never had to make a decision as to whether the trial worked... I knew from the moment I got home that it was doing it's job. I also had no problems adjusting to the tingling sensation...it just felt better.

I hope that the decision is not a hard one for you to make and that you don't end up second guessing yourself. I think it was just a clear cut decision for me. I hope that you continue to get relief and that Monday is a productive day at work. Keep us posted.