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Hi Alan,

You're right. I live in Canada. I'm assuming you live in the States given the speed of your MRI. What is the differnce between the CAT scans? I know the one at my hospital is older and takes about twenty minutes per test. They are fundraising to get a new with which the test will take less than a minute and it is suppossed to show much more detail. However, that will be a long way down the road.

I read that you are taking amitriptyline for sleeping. I'm taking nortriptyline which is simliar because I can't function on the amitriptyline. I like this med because I get to slepp which seems to reduce my daytime pain slightly but it makes me stupid. At the more effective doses I can't concentrate and have great difficulty finding words to express my thoughts. At the lowest dose, I sleep but it doesn't seem to help the pain and my thoughts are slow. Do you have similar reactions? And if so, how do you deal with it?