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Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a good day. For those who don't know, I had an EMG last Friday, I was supposed to have the follow-up on the 21st, but they called me for a cancellation today. The PA for the doctor who did the EMG gave me some idea of what is going on, since the doctor didn't write up her conclusions based on the data quite yet. So, this is what he has come up with by looking at the data, I have a "pinched" nerve at S1, and there is a nerve problem at L5. I figured that there would be a problem at L4/L5 since my most recent MRI (Sept '06) says that there is material abutting the nerve root there at the left side, however, the PA said that the L5 problem is causing problems with the right leg. I was pretty confused about that part, and that S1 is causing problems with my left leg. Bottom line, is that I have to call tomorrow to see if the doctor has written up her conclusions to get a definiative answer. Frustrating.

I am now off of nortriptyline now since it is not doing anything for me now. So, he gave me Lyrica to try. From what I have read on the boards here is that a lot you take this drug. I hope something works. I am really tired of taking percocet everyday. I am also going to go back to PT land and aquatherapy. I hope something positive comes out of all of this. Have a good night everyone..and if anything new comes up I will let you all know. :wave: Angie :)