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Since there is not a "Positive Outcomes" sticky, I will post under this one.

I'll compalin first so I can have a happy ending. I have back pain and take meds from a large but so far non-surgical herneation. I have some foot drop and reflex loss. I am limited (I feel really limited) in what I can do if I don't want real bad pain, and that sucks, so I've strongly been considering surgery.
However, after 10 months of PT (then a break due to life getting in the way), and an nsaid ulcer leading me to use hydrocodone and nortriptyline, I had some really sore muscles down my leg for a few days.... and then... I have more feeling and my ankle is more stable! I can stomp a pop can without hurting myself or looking silly (well, a little silly) and I can walk quickly over uneven surfaces (when I get warmed up). I think it is common thought that regeneration is rare after 6 mo. Sometimes the outside of my foot gets numb (and the stuff mentioned above), but hey... perhaps there is more improvement to come!!!