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Hi everyone,

Been awhile since I posted. I just passed my 1 year mark on my L4-L5, L5-S1 fusion. As some of you already know the surgery failed, so I am dealing with Failed Back Syndrome, numbness in areas and sever nerve pain. After getting a second opinion my surgeron has released me from his care and I am just dealing with the shrinks for my depression and pain mgt. My meds have changed I am now taking Opana ER 40mg twice a day, Nortriptyline 50mg per day and Poroxicam 20mg per day.

And the funny part of all this is, I was released to go back to work, well find a job. Now who is going to hire me with my crazy work restrictions. I can only work 4 hours per day, and can only sit/stand 1 hour at a time with breaks in that hour. Can not lift more then 10lbs, no bending, no squating and no over head work. What a joke. So needless to say, I have not found a job and workers comp is getting frustrated with me.

To get to the subject of this post, I just have to vent. Yesterday I went to get my perscriptions refilled. I parked my truck in the handicap spot (I have the perm permits) and I got out of the truck, well this guy was standing there watching me and started to tell me I was not allowed to park there, I did not look like I was handicapped. Well, I lost it..I advised him to mind his own buisness in not so nice words. I then walked into the store and he followed me and continued to harrass me, to the point that I had to get the store security to assist me. The police were called and he was escorted out of the store. I just can not believe the nerve of some people, not all disabilities are visual. I just wish these people could live just one day in our shoes. Maybe then they would get the picture.

Well hope is all well with everyone and Pepper best of luck with your surgery tomorrow!!

~hugs Niki