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Thanks so much for the support, prayers and concern. It means so much to me!
Well, I did see the neurologist today. He was nice and had read over all my records that W/C had sent to him. He was very familiar with all that had happened over the eight last months when he walked into the room! That was impressive! He feels that the pain is definitely nerve related. But interestingly he also feels that there is pain from the scar tissue as noted on my last MRI. We discussed dermatones and how although one particular area may be inervated mainly by one nerve, it is also secondarily inervated by 2-3 other nerves. So, in my case my leg hurts mostly at L5 even though my injury was at the right side of S1. So he explained how each person is very different and the dermatone charts are just a guideline showing the main inervation but not the secondary inervations. He feels that you MAY see improvement in nerves following surgery for as long as 18 months post op.
He agreed that it was too early to consider a spinal cord stimulator (made me very happy!). He said there are many meds we can try before we need to resort to that. He started me on a low dose of Nortriptyline at bedtime which will also help me to rest. We will increase slowly as tolerated. He wants me to try this for a month and see how it works. If it doesn't the next med would be Tegretol (anti-seizure med). He said if the Neurontin made me feel goofy then the Topomax would probably do the same. Although Topomax would be the third drug to try. I do worry about more weight gain (I have gained 10 pounds on the Cymbalta and Neurontin) but he said you don't usually see weight gain with Nortriptyline. He also said that since I am so low on the Cymbalta dose that I can just stop it now and will most likely not see any other withdrawal symptoms. YEA!
So, all in all I THINK it was a good visit. At least we can keep trying medications until we hopefully find the correct one.
Anyone have any experience with Nortriptyline???
Thank you all so much for your concern!! Everyone is so sweet :angel:

Goodnight and rest well,
Deb, the Nortriptyline is also known as palemor. I had problems with hand swelling and joint pains with it but keep in mine that I have alot of reactions to nerve medicines cause I am special. :D Just Kidding!!

Glad things went so well today and I must say that I am impressed that he had read all of your reports/notes before seeing you. He gets a B+ in my book just for that alone. I agree it is way to early for the stimulator in your case and it sounds like he is going to try other stuff with you first before making a jump to it. The stimulator is for patients that have nothing else left to do or try.

It makes me feel good to hear the 18 month number being thrown out there. My GP consulted a neurosurgeon on my behalf and he basically said that the conduction studies are not reliable for those of us who have had surgery in the past 12 to 18 months. In fact the neurosurgeon did not even want to look at me until 6 to 12 pass after surgery. He point being that nerves take a long time to heal and it sounds like your neurosurgeon feels the same way.

I am so happy that you had a good appt and I pray that he can provide you with some much needed answers and he will come up with a plan that will bring you relief. You definitely deserve it. God Bless, Sweetie!