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Hi all,
Hope everyone is having a comfortable weekend so far.
Off the Cymbalta now for 2 days! A few strange little brain zaps and mild dizziness but nothing like the experience two weeks ago. So if this is as bad as it is going to get, I've finally made it over that hurdle!

I saw the surgeon this week (details on my other thread) and he started me on steroids for "inflammation"???? Just the Medrol dose pack. Felt great when on 7, 6 and 5 pills (pain at about a 3) but yesterday with 4 pills pain was about 4-5 and today on the 3 pill day I'm back to at least a 7. Up ALL night with severe leg cramps which I get when the nerve pain is bad! So.....my smart back friends what do you think that means that the steroids helped with the old and new nerve pain? Do you think I've reherniated? Scar tissue getting worse and compressing the nerve more? Should I insist on another MRI? If it doesn't show anything different I'll feel like a nut case, but something is going on!!!!

I'm so frustrated, I feel like I am my own doctor. I don't feel anyone is listening anymore. Do I need to go in and cry, fuss, beg? I just told the employee health nurse at work that I refuse to see the old PM again (most of you know that story!!). She has been very nice and agrees that things are really "hanging" right now. I really do not want to continue to try anti- depressant meds to help the nerve pain.....I'm really very nervous after my Cymbalta nightmare! I can't take Lyrica at all, Neurontin doesn't help very much....I would rather try other nerve meds but the neuro wants to try Nortriptyline first! I can't even make myself put the pill in my mouth! Should I just not take it and try to see a new PM first? I'm looking harder at the spinal cord stim, but that doesn't make me happy either. I feel so lost.....don't know where to turn next, and everything has to be approved by W/C. They have been very accomodating up to this point but I am afraid that they will soon get tired of dealing with me!

Sorry to rattle on my friends....any input?