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I am curious if people think I should switch to an ARB. I've read posts that some people develop resistance to ACE inhibitors over time and am wondering if that is happening to me.

About 2 months ago, I went from a diuretic (12.5 mg HCTZ) + ace inhibitor (5 mg lisinopril) to just the lisinopril. At first, the ace inhibitor kept my blood pressure around 125 / 75, but now I sometimes get 130/80 readings. Without treatment, my BP is usally 150/90. Diuretics are marginally effective for my blood pressure and I tried Norvasc but did not the side effects from CCB's.

My blood pressure has been increasing the last week or two and I sometimes feel heart palpitations (the palpitations happened before I went on treatment too). Anyways, I am wondering if I should ask to be on a ARB or higher dose of Lisinopril. 130/80 is not bad blood pressure but I would like to keep it lower. I am under a lot of stress, which probably contributes to my blood pressure.