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I am a 35 year old male with HBP. The problem started about 10 years ago - it's hereditary. I am also asthmatic, and suffer from elevated interocular pressure (i.e., glaucoma suspect).

I am currently taking 50mg of Toprol XL once daily. The medication is doing a good job on my blood pressure, and keeping my eye pressure down as well. However, I feel like the drug is aggravating my asthma - I feel chest discomfort frequently (not bad wheezing - more of a general discomfort).

I am wondering if anyone has a suggesting on another drug I might try. To date, I have tried several other meds: diuretics - didn't do it for me; Benicar (ATB) - made me sick as a dog; and Norvasc 2.5mg - didn't control the BP and I got some ankle swelling (probably needed a higher dose).

Perhaps you are right and the best approach for an asthmatic is to avoid beta-blockers altogether.

For another drug?
I think ACE inhibitors are out for asthmatics...a cough is JUST what you don't need.

How about another ARB like Diovan along with a diuretic, either HCTZ or Lasiz.

Presumably the Diovan will treat you better than the Benicar but the only way to find out is to try it.

Forget the CCB's if you got ankle swelling from Norvasc.

Shame though, it's sad to give up the pressure control in your eye that you are getting from the BB. That is the reason I said search for ANOTHER selective beta-blocker. But you are probably right, they are not for you. You MIGHT get the same kind of eye-pressure relief from a diuretic though.

It sounds like your doctor needs FIRING!:wave: :wave: