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I agree with Mari that losing weight is very important and also Magnesium supplements is great for reducing blood pressure. Do you exercise most days of the week? do you eat salt free food? do you eat a lot of vegetables?

Normally when our blood pressure doesn't response good to one medication doctors add a diuretic instead of doubling the dosage of the first medicine. For example, if someone didn't got good readings with 5 mg of Norvasc the doctor should add a diuretic instead of giving the patient 10 mg of Norvasc.

For me salt plays a great role in increasing my blood pressure so I don't use it because I don't want use a diuretic.
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I too had very high pressure. During the day, the pressure would go back up again. Evidently, the one a day pill didn't seem to work. Finally over about a month with trial and error, thank God I had a doctor who stayed with it.

The outcome, I take a small dose in morning of Lisinopril, Norvasc and a diuretic. In afternoon, I used to take a small dose Diovan. At bedtime, I take small dose Lisinopril, Norvasc and Atenenol. Almost a year now, since my pressure has come down, my doctor eliminated Diovan 6 months ago in afternoon.

For me, taking small doses in morning and at bedtime seems to have done the trick, with my under my doctors care. I now range morning 128/82 and in the afternoon and evening 118/76.