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Hi Scout,

I'm on a CCB drug called Cardiazim SR and I have not even 1% ED :D. I exercise as much as I want, unlike beta-blockers which slow the heart rate much so you can't exercise good. I have no side effects from Cardiazim but the medication alone is not working great for me, I can say good but not great. My blood pressure is not 120/80 while I'm on it but with Magnesium and Flaxseed supplements added to Cardiazim it's 120/80 :D.

I tried Norvasc (Amlodipine) for about a week last year and I have got no side effects at all too but also no effect on my blood pressure. By the way, I'm 24 so I know what you are talking about. I think that you will not get any ED with CCBs, I think this is the only drug class that will not causes problems for men :).
You can exercise of course and if you have no other health problems, heart problems or anything else, I advice you to use an exercise program like Slim in 6 program to lose weight.
Good luck,