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Thank you for your answers. I am already very sensitive to salt. All I have to do is walk by a salt shaker and my bp goes up. I hate that salt sensitivity is a drawback with an Ace. I can't take a diuretic because it makes my heart race. I am only trying this as my last resort. I have been on everything else and I can't handle the side effects. So I guess I will continue to cut way back on my salt like I have been doing.

I now eat 1 bananna a day and drink a small glass of oj in the morning. Will that be ok for additional potassium?

If this don't work I thought I might try Norvasc. I tried that for a day many years ago. Can't remember how that worked. They gave it to me before I had a test done because my bp was way up. Just thought of this medicine.
You better talk to your Dr. about the OJ and the banana as that is all my friend had that put her in the hospital. In fact they called her in the middle of the night at home when they got her blood work from the day as her potassium was so high. Norvasc works well but it not usually a first line drug. these are things you really need to talk to Dr. about. I really don't know how they decide which one to use. though I know some are good for congestive heart failure, etc.

I still don't understand about the salt and Ace's. Are you saying that Lisonpiril will make me retain fluid and have swollen ankles? If I retain fluid won't that make my bp go up. I am soooooooo vigilant about what I eat it's like I feel I don't have a life anymore. Can hardly eat anything good and hate to go anywhere because I never know how I will feel. I don't know what to take or do anymore.

Also what about me eating a bannana and drinking a small glass of oj a day? Somebody said something about the potassium levels.

I'm beginning think that the Ace's are bad but I have tried just about everything else. If it's gonna have side effects I'm the one that is going to get them.

Yes Lenin, most days I hate my job...lol!

What about Norvasc any feed back on that?