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Hi lolasmom,

What was his BP reading? is it very high?

Actually, I have experienced somewhat ED, I'm 24 years old, when I was on Beta-Blocker for 3.5 years. Also I experienced deep Depression, vision problems and inability exercise so Beta-Blockers are not good and I guess that doctors should make them the last solution.

I tried all the drug classes and I found that CCBs have no side effects on me (no ED at all :D), but also it's not working 100%. I started with Norvasc 5 mg for a week but it didn't bring my blood pressur even 1 point down. I'm now on Cardiazim 120 mg SR and it's the best medication I have been on.

I use supplements to help in reducing my blood pressure. I take Magnesium 250 mg, Flaxseed 1,000 mg and Vitamin C 500 mg. But this is not enough though, I exercise 6 days a week and I'm on a diet. No more salt added to anything I eat, and I eat boiled potatoes a lot because it contains something that brings BP down (I forgot what it's). Being in an ideal weight also helps a lot.
BP causes ED and the medications too :( but not all of them :) thank god. Also it's depend on the age and the health too.
Good luck,