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I HATED amlodipine (Norvasc.) It made me feel wired and caused my ankles to swell...UGLY!
BUT I know that the other CCB's verapamil, nifedipine, and diltiazem act very differently so I think it might be worth trying one or another.

But on a slightly different note. It makes me see RED :mad: that all these doctors are prescribing Toprol XL when it is one of the very few remaining formulations of beta blockers still inder patent protection and high priced. Sometimes these shills, aka doctors, are so blatant when someone waves "inducements" from drug companies, in this case Astra-Zeneca, under their noses.
Far cheaper is generic metoprolol, the same drug, which you take several times a day...but do doctors prescribe this: NEVER!

If you decide to go the beta blocker route, which may suit you, tell your doctor you want a once-a-day medication like atenolol or nadolol which costs peanusts compared to TOPROL XL.
In fact, do what I do: IMMEDIATELY tell any new doctor, I WANT ONLY GENERIC MEDS UNLESS MY LIFE IS AT STAKE!

THe data seems to support the longer acting versions to be less harmful than the fast acting ones but nobody is giving the long acting ones a clean bill of health.
Nifedipine seems to be the largest offender with stroke and heart attack rates almost 30% higher than placebo...IMAGINE!
With ANY CCB, be wary.

Problem is the studies. We take hypertension and anti angina medicine to prevent DEATH and DISABILITY. But the only TEST of these drugs is whether they lower systolic blood pressure or casue less chest pain...long term effects are ignored and FINDING them is actively discouraged.

This HAS to change.

A good way to deal with the problem is NEVER to take a drug that isn't 10, or better yet 20 years old...and even then, read everything you can about it.

I guess the CCB drug being pushed the hardest these days is Norvasc (amlodipine.) I wonder what it's long term expectations are?:confused: