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My wife had bouts of high blood pressure a couple of years ago (as high as 180/110), and they finally found the right combination of meds to normalize it (120/80). She is on 15 mg of Altace and 5 mg of Norvasc daily.

For about a year everything was fine. Today she was rushing to a doctor's appt and there was very heavy traffic. She got pretty anxious, fumbled with the phone to call and notify the doctor, and arrived a bit late for the appointment. The nurse took her BP in the office twice in succession and it was 140/100. She is now worried that the BP is going back up on a permanent basis.

Can anyone tell me if a temporary anxiety inducing episode will allow the BP to go to something like 140/100 or will those meds stop that from happening?

I tried to explain that the meds will not keep blood pressure normal in those short episodes where anxiety is very high. Am I right?

Anyone know?