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[SIZE="3"]Yestoday I mess up My BP was going crazy it hit 215 and got light headed then i relex and a hour later it hit 153 i was out then someone came over my house she was touching me in a nice way lol:p got light heading again check again it hit 179 my low was still high 115... So I said i guess i sould go to the ER and I did check everything blood work was good they just gave me something for my dizziness called Meclizine 12.5 mg only when I get dizziness i take it... It was funny any feelings I have make my BP go crazy like playing video games or walking fast or talking to a nice women lol..

This what i eat for breakfest a breakfest shake only 170c same thing for luch but i also ate 3 apples night before i got tird drinking water so i drink 1liter of coke i guess that where i mess up also I have been sleeping late and only have 4 hours of sleep but my body feel good with only 4 hours of sleep....

So now these are the meds I'm taken
1. Aspir-low 81
2. Norvasc 2.5mg
3. Lisinopril-HCTZ20-25mg

I been working out time after time I do Meditation Just my eating is kind of hard because i hang out with someone who eat out all the time and hate eating alone what kind i do about this is there a way to bring my own food or is there a bar that good for me that make me full for the next 3 hours... I thinking to go on NutriSystem so it would take out the guess work of eating.

Thank for reading any advice well be great like what to eat or anything

Luis Mejia