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Hi-I'm new here- have had blood pressure for about 15 years. I have started working out and taking flaxseed. I am currently taking 30 mg of prinivil and 5 mg of norvasc. At home my blood pressure is 110/70 sometimes as low as 90/60. I have a good cuff because I take it to the Doc's office with me. When I get there my pressure is 146/92. I have what you call white coat anxiety. I told him to dress up like Mr. Roger's. Anybody out there have this problem.? Oh-I was told my problem is genetic since I've always been thin. It is on my Dad's side of the family.

It is purely genetic on my dad's side. Now my blood pressure is running normal and below normal since I stopped taking vitamins along with my BP pills. I take 30 mg prinival and 5 mg norvasc. The highest my BP goes is 123/76. Had no clue that vitamins effected medicine like that. I'm a good example. By the way - I am not overweight -I eat healthy and do about 3.5 miles on the treadmill every day. And I stlill need my meds. Go figure.