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Well thats semi the truth, I'm new to this message board, and unfortunately at age 25 i have high blood pressure and am currently taking 5mg of Norvasc. Heres the deal, my blood pressure was normal until about late 2005 when my doctor took my bp and it was 170/90 at the time i was working two jobs, working out real late at night, getting 4 hours of sleep, drinking red bulls, eating alot of sugar partying here and there with no sleep and drinking not crazy but more than usual, which I am not a drinker, nor a smoker, and I am in farely good shape. Never took any supplements., I came back 2 months later it was 140/90, then 140/80 two months after that. My doctor was still reluctant to put me on any BP med's until i had a full fledge panic attack and went to the hospital, they registered my bp at 145/85 which they said for an emergency room visit was not bad. So after the panic attack i fell into a depression crying, getting sensitive etc. Its a mild depression never suicidal, any how Ive also now been on 10mg of paxil. alsmot a year later, and my bp was down to 120/80 in the doctor's office 2 months ago and recently it went to 140/80 2 weeks after getting sick. I also tested positive for lupus a couple of months back but after two blood tests at a rheumotalogist i tested negitive for lupus but he said i was definitely fighting something off to have had such a high ANA Titer reading. My ekg was normal, my cardiogram was normal, ive had MRI's, X-rays on my lungs, nothing. My blood work came back normal except that my good cholestorol is on the low side, my bad cholesterol is fine. I do have problems sleeping and toss and turn alot since the panic attack, ive had problems some nights getting a good deep sleep. I have began doing more cardio, and REALLY managing my salt intake, but besides that does anyone have any clue on what could be the underlying cause? Just my genes? My doctor seems a little concerned as he doesnt understand, I am 6'0 208 pounds semi-atheletic although i have been worried to do any strenuous activity such as full court basketball which i really miss any help would be appreciated.