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I started this new thread because I need help to understand how coffee effects BP. Until few days ago I was on Diltiazem 120mg SR twice daily, my blood pressure is always good in summer. When I drink coffee in summer I notice a mild effect on my HBP, anyway if I drink more than 2 cup of coffee it goes to 140/100. Starting from Nov and until April or so my blood pressure is always 140/100, and even higher.

So 2 days ago my dr has took me off Diltiazem and put me on 2.5mg of Zebeta at morning and afte 12 hours I take 5mg of Norvasc. Anyway, at the first dose of Norvasc I got a lot of sweating and I was dizzy after 2 hours or so. I drank a cup of coffee and it's gone :) I felt great !!!

flowergirl told me that I have reversed the effects of Norvasc :(, and I'm grateful that she told me about this. I took my blood pressure reading today at 11:15 AM and it was 110/90, I was very happy :D. I took my daily coffee then after 15 minutes I got another reading, it was 125/94 :(.

So what I think is this: if your CCB and BB do reduce your blood pressure then coffee might raise it, if your meds don't reduce your blood pressure then coffee might has no effects at all.
People I need help about this :). Do I make any sense?