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Hi: new to this group. Has any one have any information on the use of
nitric oxide as a vasodilator ?. I looking for a way to cut down on over
medication. Having to meany bad reactions. Iam on clonidine x3 per day,
norvasc 10mg x1,hydrochlorot 25mg x1,atenolol 50mg x1, lisinopril 10mg x1,
mirtazapine x1 at bed time. This is a sleep aid for my sleep Apena.
It seems every year and new doctors want to perscripe more drugs.
These make me vary crogy and find it hard to pay attention behind the wheel
and imposible to make a good inpression for a job interveiw.
slowly losing wife and home and little of my life savings to my BPH.
zombie dude.

Welcome to this great board, actually I can't help you with your nitric oxide question. But I will try to tell you my experience, first of all I think that you are over-medicated. Could you tell us what is your average BP before taking all these meds and with it?

I have tried ACEs, like lisinopril, and ARBs, like Cozaar and Atacand. I have had many bad side effects, I can say that life is impossible while being on any ONE drug of those classes. Although that both my parents used those drug classes for many years without any side effects. Also, I think that maybe 1 or 2 drug is enough to control your BP if you are healthy and exercise regulary.
After some research and great help from people here, I have came to my best drug class and my best drug combination :D. Now I take 5 mg of Norvasc plus 2.5 of Zebeta, a beta-blocker. My blood pressure is great and I'm fine, when Zebeta lowers my heart rate very much I would replace it with another 5mg of Norvasc. But so far so good.
My advice is to find a good new doctor that will listen to your side effects and start with you maybe with only Norvasc, as a beginning and see what would happen and what would you feel.
Good luck and please let us know what is going on with you.
Zombie Dude, I'm glad someone has mentioned nitric oxide. Yes, it is supposed to act as a vasodilator. Supposedly you can increase your levels of nitric oxide by taking various supplements (not nitric oxide itself). The main one I hear about is l-arginine. It's supposed to work pretty well. The bad thing about it is that you have to take a ton of it (pills) to make a difference. Like a minimum of 3 grams a day. Supposedly you can take about 20 grams safely, but for me that's way too much experimenting. I bought some, but I was afraid to take even the 3 grams because I am the 'side effect queen'. I took 1.5 grams for a few days and it did seem to help a little bit, but not near as much as I needed. Then later on I found out that they have a liquid form of l-arginine that will give you about 5 grams in one dose. I haven't tried it yet. I got really nervous about my bp readings and decided to get on a baby dose of Norvasc. Which isn't doing much either, but I think I may have some stomach issue that is keeping my BP up and refuse to take a higher dose until I can get my gastrointestinal system checked out. Research l-arginine, it may be your answer. Good luck.