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Hi everyone,

I have been away for few months but I'm back again :).

I have been on Zebeta 2.5mg (at morning) + 5mg of Norvasc (at night) for the last few months. I had a problem in winter, my readings are 140/100+. Anyway, since I took this drug combination my readings range from 120/80 to 100/60 even in WINTER :D.

I really feel dizzy and tired, no matter how many cup of coffee I drink or how much salt I add to my food. My blood pressure never go higher than 120/80. Can I reduce my Norvasc to 2.5mg? I have tried Norvasc alone and I think it's not as effective as taking it with Zebeta.

Also I have another issue, I'm not married yet but I'm still worry about Zebeta and ED. I'm sure that it has an effect but I wonder if the effect will last after Zebeta leave the body?
Hi Michael,

Welcome back!

Have been on norvasc but can't remember if it is safe to cut the pill in half...I think it is, but it is best to check with your pharmacist first (some pills should not be cut in half, just for your info!)

Can't answer your questons about zebeta either...is that the brand name? or the generic? It may help other readers to know what other names it goes by as I don't recall the name "zebeta" appearing on the board recently.

Hope you father's well.

Hi Michael,:)

It's good to hear from you again! I am so happy your blood pressure is under control and all is well. I told you you'd find the perfect drug combination eventually.
Since your doctor approved this change in dosing, go for it! One thing is for sure - you don't want your heart rate or blood pressure to be too low.
This drug combination is highly controversial. Some doctors say it works well in people with chronic stable angina. It can be useful in some situations and very dangerous in others. This drug combo can result in adverse cardiovascular effects, including CHF and severe hypotension. It can also increase serum concentration of the beta blocker by inhibiting CYP450. Makes you wonder why our doctors prescribe these drugs together for us, knowing they shouldn't. :( As you know, I too am on both of these medications. (Norvasc & Bisoprolol).
Fatigue is a side effect of both of these drugs - so the lower the dose, the better off you'll be (in theory at least). The dizziness could be a result of your blood pressure being too low at times - I experience that when my blood pressure drops too much. What does your doctor say about that?

The ED is worrisome and difficult to avoid, especially with the BP meds. Norvasc has low incidence of sexual dysfunction -1-2%. The beta blocker is sure to contribute to a greater extent than the CCB. Ditto for Effexor, if you still take it (16%). Reducing your medication doses is sure to result in improvement in your side effects.

take care, Michael :)

Hi flowergirl,

Thanks for your great post. I meant that my dr put me on 2.5mg of Zebeta and 5mg of Norvasc. I haven't talked with him about reducing Norvasc to 2.5mg, the tablet can be devided but still I'm not sure that I can do that. Please if you have read that 2.5mg of Norvasc is a good dose tell me so.

Yes Norvasc has nothing to do with ED, but Zebeta is :(. The question is, when I wean off it (when I get marry :D) Do I will reverse ED? I know that you read a lot and you must have more info about that.

What CHF means? Please can you explain what did you mean by "This drug combo can result in adverse cardiovascular effects, including CHF and severe hypotension. It can also increase serum concentration of the beta blocker by inhibiting CYP450." ? can this combo kill someone or what? :)

My reading this morning, before I take Zebeta, was 110/67 and 57 pulse. :( low which makes me dizzy.
By the way, I weaned off both Effexor and Xanax. Since I stopped Xanax I don't sleep at all :(, I hope this will change over the following few weeks.
Thanks for your great help,
Thanks dear for your great post. Actually, I have tried 10 mg of Norvasc and I had no side effects at all. Maybe I will go back to it again, like 5mg at AM and another 5mg at night. I can't take any other drugs because all of them makes me more sick that I'm on BB and CCB. my average reading is 110/70, I think that is good.

Zebeta controls my heart rate, I used Magnesium supplements for that but I don't have any right now. I used to get them from the US because we don't have it here. It seems that Egyptians are only concerted about Vitamins and Calcium supplements only. We don't have Magnesium or Potassium in a stand-alone product.

Yes, I think I'm still suffering from Effexor and Xanax withdrawal side effects. But I'm a little better than last week :).
Thanks for your help,
My blood pressure is 102/58 with pulse of 83. I took Zebeta exactly 12 hours ago, so I will not take Norvasc for tonight. :(
[QUOTE=cartner;3477155]...What CHF means?

It means "congestive heart failure".

[QUOTE]...Since I stopped Xanax I don't sleep at all :(, I hope this will change over the following few weeks.


Just for you info, I experienced several kinds of sleep problems with norvasc...I quit taking it because I didn't sleep well. I don't know if your other drugs can have that effect but I thought I'd let you know about norvasc just in case your sleep problems don't get better.

When I took my dose in the am, I would be real sleepy after lunch but although I couldn't stay awake, I couldn't sleep either. I tried taking the med at night but I would wake up about midnight and not get back to sleep until very early in the am. It took almost 4 weeks after I stopped taking the norvasc for my sleep to return to normal.

Thanks flowergirl and Bethsheba,

Actually Norvasc has no effects on my sleep at all, It's Xanax. Wow heart failture !!! I didn't know that. Now I really think that I should wean off Zebeta and stick to Norvasc, maybe I will up my dose to 10 mg again. :D
I really appreciate your help, thanks again.
Hi dear,

I'm still on the night-dose of Norvasc (5mg) that I used to take with Zebeta, but it's not effective alone and I started to get readings like 135/84 and once I got a very high reading, but just once since I weaned off Zebeta, 142/108. Now I got back to 5mg of Norvasc twice daily and my readings are great again.

No I don't feel more depressed than I was on the medications, in other words the medications didn't help with my depression at all. But it did help me with my Anxiety, still I can't take Effexor because it makes me sleep all day long. I'm thinking about going back to Xanax because when I took a similar med yesterday I felt calm and better.

I had no side effects when I was on Xanax, I think I will get back on it. About drs, I don't have health insurance and I spent all my money on blood tests, scans and doctors. I really mean it I spent all my money on my health although I don't have anything serious. I can't go to doctors often, anyway I'm not trying something new I will just go back to a combination that he put me on before.

Yes I need to watch some Comedy movie instead of that REAL documentary movies, although I'm not American and I don't even live in the US but I felt so bad for those people.

I can't thank you enough for your help, you people have done a lot for me :D. Jesus bless you all.
I just want ask you one last question if you don't mind flowergirl, I have no effects with Norvasc but have you read that it's not safe to take with Xanax?
Thanks for help,
Hi Michael, :)

I am glad to hear you are still on blood pressure medication. I checked several different sources, including my best drug book, for interactions between xanax and norvasc. You should be OK. None are listed.
However, as discussed in previous posts, your heart rate can be affected further by both of these medications. I would be somewhat concerned about the possible additive effects. Norvasc causes dose-related palpitations and dose-related changes in heart rhythm in some people. Xanax can cause tachycardia and heart palpitations. Your current heart rate is fast but still within an acceptable range. That might change with the additional dose of 5mg Norvasc and a new medication, xanax. I hope it doesn't.
I am sorry you don't have medical insurance. I wish you could be spending your money on something other than doctors and drugs. They don't come cheap.

Good luck with your treatment,

I think that 2.5mg of Zebeta can control my blood pressure and my heart rate alone, without any other addition of drugs. How can I wean off Norvasc?
Help please :D
Hi flowergirl,

I'm on Norvasc 5mg only today, took 10mg for the last couple of days. My heart rate is 80+ and I can't breathe because of that. I take about 5 readings everyday, when everything is ok I just take 1 reading.

About Zebeta, I used to take 5mg for 3.5 years but that was before I use Diltiazem which was good. With Norvasc I had 2.5 mg of Zebeta, but my blood pressure was too low as well as my heart rate.

I was thinking that it might be a withdrawal effect too, Zebeta again :(. So I will wait for 1 week before anything, I'm back to Magnesium and it's not working like it used before. Anyway, today I feel better thanks to Jesus.

I can't thank you enough flowergirl, you are a great helping person.
Thanks again,

Thank you very much for your care and your support. Yes, I'm doing fine now. But I'm still a little confused about 5mg or up the dose to 10mg. The dr didn't mind, few months ago, about 10mg. So I will stick to the 5mg for a while and if it didn't work as I want I will up it again.

I can't walk much before I have a torn cartilage in my knee, and I can't exercise because I have an injuried shoulder (dislocated twice before). I think this is one of the biggest problems I'm facing, but I'm sure that god will solve those problems at the right time. I don't have health insurrance and those surgeries cost a lot, I go out once every week and that is about it.
I will keep you posted with my readings on 5mg of Norvasc, thanks again for your great help :D.
No I haven't had any treatment for my knee and shoulder injuries, it's way too expensive for me :). Anyway, I will be fine because I don't go out much. 5mg of Norvasc was not enough so I'm on 10mg now, the question should I take it at one dose or make it on 2 doses?
Thanks again for your great help,
Hi Michael, :)

The dosing of Norvasc for both angina and hypertension is 5-10mg once a day. However, I go by my blood pressure response (with my doctor's knowledge). If I take all my meds in the morning, I do not get a 24 hour control and my blood pressure is too high at bedtime. I've split some of my doses and take 5mg of Norvasc and 10mg of Ramipril at night. Taken this way my meds give a good blood pressure control round the clock.
In general, the number of doses of medication needed each day depends on the strength of medication and the medical problem being treated. You will probably find that the 10mg Norvasc taken once daily gives you an adequate blood pressure control.

P.S. Just thought of something...if your pulse drops to less than 50 bpm, do not take your medication. Too slow a pulse rate will cause circulation problems. Should that ever happen, call a doctor instead for an advice.

take care,

I remember that my dr wanted me to take 5mg every 12 hours, also I remember that when I took the whole 10mg I got a better reading. Anyway, I need to investigate this more because it might be losing its effect at night or so. My heart rate now is 80-90, still high :(, but it wasn't before I take Effexor. I think I'm having withdrawal side effects, after all I stopped 3 medications in 2 months. Effexor, Xanax and now Zebeta. In a few days I will know if taking the whole 10mg of Norvasc at once or split the dose, my dr didn't mind me doing that.
I can't thank you enough for your help :), god bless you.