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Hi Beerzoids,

Glad to hear that you are doing well. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers - and will say a pray that the Coreg works well for you!!

I am to try Norvasc next - not sure about that one - a little scared!


Hi Flower!!

Hope you are doing good as well :)


[QUOTE]My blood pressure was getting too low and it was very worrying! :eek:
For instance, at 7:30pm last night my reading was at 96/57; at 2pm 98/52. I was a little worried about falling asleep last night, since blood pressure tends to go even lower while sleeping, so I was concerned about going into a coma while sleeping! :eek:

This happens to be one of my biggest fears - the blood pressure falling too low at night so that the pumping action of the heart might not be sufficient to sustain circulation. I read that bad things can happen when the diastolic pressure drops below 50. The lowest my diastolic ever got was 54 or 56. Low blood pressure scares me much more than very high blood pressure.

Initially, I had the opposite problem - my blood pressure increasing to unacceptable levels in the evenings and remaining elevated through the night. The meds taken in the evenings seemed to make little difference. It finally stabilized some time ago. Now it's somehow too low. My readings last night before going to bed (without the evening meds) were 96/62 and 103/68. I doubt I will ever be able to figure out what affects it so. When I woke up this morning, the bp measurements were 119/81 and 120/76. I hope there was no further drop in blood pressure while I slept.

I wonder if my beta blocker has anything to do with the lower blood pressure. Perhaps being switched to Norvasc some weeks ago from another CCB has enhanced the blood pressure lowering effects of another medication enough to cause a significant blood pressure reduction.

[QUOTE]Well..... so far today, on the reduced dose of 9.375mg Coreg, my blood pressure has been averaging 121/70 based on 11 readings, and I feel great! Haven't had to fight Syncope today.

I hope your blood pressure averages remain this good! Following your progress in blood pressure lowering has been really interesting and educational. Thanks for sharing.

Best of luck. :)