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I hope your surgeon is a good one and plans to discuss the available options with you. I was really sorry to hear about that finding on your thyroid. I must admit I don't know anything about thyroid issues but hope that your problem can be taken care of without much difficulty.
I also hope that your blood pressure remains well controlled throughout. You must check with the doctor about stopping your medication prior to the surgery, if it is one of the treatment options available. They usually administer IV drugs to maintain blood pressure control and slow down the heart rate during surgery.
Thank you for responding. I guess the tingling could be from anything. I eat too many carbs. I haven't been doing anything unusual. You are right in saying I am sleep deprived. Some nights I just lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and checking the time. It probably does catch up with me now and then.
I was also very dizzy 1/2 day at work this past week and became afraid history was about to repeat itself. I ended up with an elevated blood pressure and a ruptured blood vessel in the eye instead. It remained pink for a few days afterwards. Back to normal now. My blood pressure has been picture perfect 99% of the time since switching to Norvasc. I hope yours is good also.