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Are you you don't have acid reflux? Getting symptoms after eating chocolate or caffeine are sure tip off's that you may have acid reflux. If you take Norvasc, be prepared for super heartburn/acid reflux as it is known for that symptom. I thought I was having a heart attack. Luckily, it is a drug that can be dropped fast without withdrawal according to my pharmacist which is what I did. Fam
AWESOME - that is what I will try next instead of the Norvasc :)

Thanks for all the input - it has made my decision MUCH easier!

I drink LOTS of water 12-16 glasses (because I am prone to UTI's so I have to drink LOTS of water). I also really like water. I eat lots of potassium rich food - just because I tend to like those foods :)

So the diuretic it is!!

Thanks again!