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zekat, :)

how are you doing without your bp meds? Which ones have you quit taking? How has this affected your blood pressure readings? I am very curious. I had similar problems not so long ago. I learned last week that I was taking my Norvasc at the wrong time of day. Apparently, Norvasc should be taken in the evenings (I didn't ask why, but that's what I do now). I also take my full dose of the ACE inhibitor again, not a reduced one (1/2). I now get fewer readings below 100 systolic and 70 diastolic. Which means that the 1/2 dose of an ACE has had little or no lowering effect on blood pressure. I remember reading about this. A medication is effective up to a certain therapeutic dose. After that dosing level has been reached, there's no further blood pressure lowering effect (just greater frequency and intensity of adverse effects). My blood pressure is not as low now. I don't have to worry about it dropping too much anymore (for now).