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Hi I am 26 and have readings from 118/76-125/80, the last three doctor visits my bp was 130/80, 120/80, and 120/80. When the nurse takes my bp she takes it immediately when i come into the office, and does not hold up my arm , when the doctor comes in he waits 5 minutes before taking my bp and always keeps my arm elevated, right now im on 5mg of norvasc. My question is when does a doctor normally decide for someone to come off bp medications? I am also on 10mg paxil ,but the thing is when i started taking norvasc i noticed i felt very tired, groggy, i always feel off, i can be going for a walk and after about 10-15 minutes of exercise get so tired i feel like just going to sleep. I'm not anemic, all ekg's are normal, lungs are clear. Only issue is my bloodpressure, after I had a panic attack my bloodpressure at that time was 140/80 for over 8 months and my doctor decided to put me on bp meds any insight is appreciated.
Hi - I just posted about Norvasc and mentioned that I have been taken off of it because of side effects. However, your blood pressure readings sound very normal! It's perfectly normal for blood pressure to rise when you are anxious, etc. Have you spoken to your doctor about the way you feel when you take Norvasc? Also, have you mentioned your current readings to him? Maybe he will have you monitor your blood pressure at home to determine whether or not you still need to be taking medication. Good luck.:) Mabent