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Sorry, I did not mean to sound so confusing. I have two types of hernia. I've known about the hiatal hernia for about a year. These hernias are usually left alone, unless they start causing problems, such as an acid aspiration into the lungs, resulting in a lot of choking.

The new hernia was found during the scans I had last week. This is the type of hernia people get when they strain themselves or lift heavy stuff. I think I got mine from the A/R coughing and/or choking. That puts a lot of strain on the stomach muscles. This epigastric(??)-I forgot which one it is- hernia is two inches above the belly button right in the middle of the abdomen, about two inches below the first (hiatal) hernia. Anyway, it could be what's been making me sick. One doctor told me last week it needed to be surgically repaired ASAP. Another said I didn't need to do that yet. The surgeon I saw today for something else (Dr. #3) said this hernia must be surgically repaired but I can wait a bit with that if I want to. Of course, he said he'd be happy to do it!!! I chickened out, saying only that I'd let him know when/if I was ready. I have to wait until something else has been dealt with.

I am not on any steroids. No one is paying any attention to the edema. It does not seem to subside while I sleep. You'd think it would/should. I am pretty sure it's from the meds. I take two Norvasc at bedtime, which is what I was told to do (changed from a morning dosing to an evening one). Personally, I don't see what possible difference it might make, since these CCBs work over a 24 hour period. I wonder why the switch. I'll try to find out. Can't think of a good enough reason right now. I think the evening dosing of Norvasc is somehow making the edema a lot worse, causing it to stick around all the time without any relief. I think the stomach swelling is from the new hernia. There is no fluid there. Good to know! :) I must not forget my spare tire - the doctors kindly reminded me that some of the "swelling" is my own fat.... Thanks a lot, guys!!! :eek:

Talk to you next week.