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You two are so smart!!

Saw cardio this AM. New game plan: Keep the current meds, add low dose Spironolactone. Lower the K supplement to 40 meq. Wait and watch. If that doesn't do it, he wants to add a small dose of Norvasc (yuck). But hopefully this will work.

Last night, after dinner my BP rose to 200/120! I took a HCTZ. I figured I would have better odds surviving being hypo for a bit then a stroke. BP went down to 180 then 160 over 110. It was a scary night. When I told the cardio he raised his eyebrows but smiled and said not to worry too much. I'll be followed weekly until all is well. Doc said I need, need, need, some kind of HCTZ in my regiment.

So, I'm so relieved. Your support really made a difference. I've been a wreck for the last couple of days. We all know that's not good for the BP!! ;)

Thanks again and have a great day!