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Long story, but I fired one doctor who would not listen to me---in any case,
I had been on Norvasc for 5 years plus atenolol and my bp was well-controlled--but nobody knew exactly why I was on Norvasc---a calcium channel blocker----I believe it is because he had samples in his office when I was diagnosed with high bp-----

Anyway, for a number of reasons I switched doctors and told him I was so unhappy with the side effects of Norvasc which included heartburn so bad I had to start taking Prilosec---which does totally help---
and swelling of my feet and neuropathy in my feet which dates to the beginning of taking Norvasc---

I have switched to lisinopril because my new doctor totally believes in the ace inhibitors and some good effects they have etc etc etc-----
He gave me 20 mg pills and said to take a half for several days and then a whole one----but I know how sensitive I am---so I took just 10 mg for over a week and kept a careful record of my bp and it was great-----
but after about a week and a half I started getting side effects such as awful nausea, diarrhea and anxiety---which I read ARE side effects of lisinopril----

So now I am trying just 5 mg of lisinopril---which seems to be controlling my bp just fine---

I am curious to other experiences with lisinopril--